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Unidawn is based on a unique concept at its core, named; Social Identity Networking. Social Identity Networking is a unique concept which tackles current Global Social Problems and Issues on Multiple Social Media Platforms. They Include: Fake Identity and Connections, Minimal Data Security and Fake Data, Irresponsible Data Sharing, user Identity Disrespect.

Social Identity Networking will enable solutions to most of all of these Issues, it also Emphasizes on the user and builds an environment around them so that they are Protected, Rewarded and Respected for Their Primary element; Data Generation, Sharing & Networking.

We also have Included Multiple USP’s that will Create an Intentional Interest Psychology Loop to keep Identities Interested and Engaged in our Platform. Our Primary USP’s Include: Identity Protection, Content Verification, Data Protection and Responsible Data Sharing. Multiple Security Layers.

Throughout Human History, we have accomplished many Incredible Things. Starting from the Invention of Fire, Wheel, to Sending Men to the moon, and Mega Constructions.

Communication, Networking and Knowledge Sharing has always been a Human need, without it Evolution would not have been Possible. We focus on these core elements, and we Promise to Do our Best to Help Connect, Unite & Empower Humanity to Thrive and Evolve Responsibly.


Founders, Unidawn.com

Our Culture and Values

We Intend to become a Multi-Cultural, Globally Diversified Organization. With Our Continental Headquarters in multiple Continents and Primary Data Servers in Multiple Countries we Believe that our Future Is towards; United Cultures and a Unique New World.

Slogan: Connecting, Uniting & Empowering World’s

Mision: To Unite Identities, Unify Cultures & Empower the World.

Vision: To create a Unique and Diversified, universally interconnected Network system of Netizen’s; where information sharing, connections, ideas & activities are Safe; Secure and linked Globally to Identities everywhere.

It’s true that the concept of Unidawn is new. In this fast-paced world there is a monopoly in the social media sectors with errors and faults in their core concept. We are confident that we will change the World.

Our revolutionary Concept will attract crowds from all over the globe and help create a Uniquely United Netizen’s Network where Identities will share, connect and transfer Knowledge, Data and other types of Information, helping us Create a Different Era of Networking and Communication.

Our Products

At present we are Providing Social Networking Services with Multiple Types of Users, but Our Future Goals have already been set on many other Exciting new Products; all focused and based on our core concept of Social Identity Networking.

"Connecting, Uniting & Empowering World’s"


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